This is how to take care of it so that your nails stay beautiful

This is how to take care of it so that your nails stay beautiful

by grif1500

This is how to take care of it so that your nails stay beautiful


The cuticle is the area of skin around the nail that functions as a nail protector against bacteria. However, this place is prone to dryness which can make your fingers look unattractive. So it’s necessary to take care of dry nails and cracked cuticles so they don’t get worse and make your fingers look more beautiful. Here will explain further:

1. Apply Shea Butter or Vitamin E Oil to Nourish Cuticles

In the tradition of skin care, many of us often remove or remove the cuticle part. Meanwhile, cuticles that are not cared for properly can cause dry and cracked skin making it prone to peeling. Boyce explained that cuticles protect nails from fungal and bacterial infections, so it is necessary to keep them soft and hydrated. “Shea butter and vitamin E oil are two super-nourishing ingredients that can help keep cuticles soft and hydrated,” he advises. Vitamin E is a rich antioxidant and is really good at helping to heal cracked cuticles faster.

2. Apply Moisturizer to Increase Moisture

Try applying a moisturizing cream to your hands or feet and wearing gloves or socks. This method can provide extra moisture to dry and cracked cuticles. “This provides an additional constant supply of moisture and emollient properties to the cuticles, and is able to make them soft and supple while preventing cracking,” notes Graf. Sleeping in gloves may take some getting used to, but in the morning your hands and cuticles will be silky smooth. You can do this a few times a week.

3. Avoid biting your nails or cuticles to prevent chapping

Many people tend to bite their cuticles when they become dry and cracked. However, it is recommended by Boyce to break with this tradition by making sure it is damp at all times. “I recommend keeping this place constantly hydrated so nothing sticks out to make you want to bite into it.” Also, Graf notes that the trauma caused by biting and picking is able to push away the cuticle altogether, creating a bigger gap for bacteria and fungus to enter.

4. Repair Dryness with Cuticle Oil

If the cuticles are dry, it is necessary to use cuticle oil to maintain the health of the skin around the nails. “The key is to use it consistently—at least once a day. Cuticle oil will prevent your cuticles from drying out in the first place.

5. Finger Soak with Argan Oil

Argan oil is full of vitamin E, fatty acids, and antioxidants, which are fully beneficial for moisturizing and healing. “I recommend soaking your hands first in water and then applying argan oil so it absorbs better,”. Look for products that contain 100 percent argan oil which are also really good for dry heels and elbows.