Tafheem E Islamiat Book 28 HOT!

Tafheem E Islamiat Book 28 HOT!

by yasmau

Tafheem E Islamiat Book 28 HOT!


Tafheem E Islamiat Book 28

1. “I am Allah’s light. I am He who Heeds and Listens. 2. I am Allah, the Lord of the worlds. 3. My existence is independent of the creation, and so are its acts. “4. This letter shall stand in my blessed Book. “5. Glory be to Allah my Lord. I commit my soul in His service. I affirm the Invitation (of Allah) more often than anything else. “6. I shall give my life for the cause of God and for the servants. I shall assist the pious servants in their endeavors. I shall not deviate from the path. “7. I shall neither wrong anyone nor do anyone any harm. I shall neither be a friend to any, nor an enemy to any.” 8. I shall neither have any commerce nor any dealings with the people. “9. I shall neither shall I claim from any one nor shall I accept from anyone. I shall be a loser. “10. I shall be a benefactor and a helper of the right and the pious, for the benefit and for the interest of all. I shall not give up from my hand in their behalf. “11. I shall not be angry with anyone nor shall I bear resentment for anyone. I shall not be unfaithful to anyone, and I shall not want anyone. “12. I shall neither afflict anyone nor shall I complain about anyone. I shall be pious and free from every sin. “13. I shall not care for anything in this world except for God and in the hereafter. I shall have no preference for any one over another. “14. I shall be a worshiper of God with all my heart and with all my soul and with all my strength. The heart of the shaytan is always upon these verses and verses. This is his factor of deception. “15. I shall choose none but the right path. This is my creed. This is my religion and my faith. “16. My eternal abode is in the wisdom of God. My presence is in the paradise of God. I shall be abiding in the Perfect State. “17. I shall attain neither knowledge nor power nor position nor victory and neither shall I be the leader of this world nor the lord of this world and neither shall I be the superior of the world. 18. I shall neither be the supporter nor the opponent of this world and of the hereafter. I shall neither be the gainer nor the loser. “19. I shall

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14.The Quranic Verse. How could that be possible? An explanation for these puzzling things has been given by many, some of them by Muslim authors.There are among Muslims and non-Muslims alike many keen scholars who have studied and observed this matter to see if they could find any explanation. As a result of their search, they have come to the firm conclusion that this verse is the explanation for what we have said above. One of the best scholars is Dr.Omar. He argues that the revealed Hadith about the divine law concerning the judges as well as the narrative concerning the flight and the concealment of Moses, was not found and was not.
15.Abū Hurairah said that the Prophet (S) said, “God has made one person like you and has made one person like me.” (Saheeh Muslim)

Al-Zumali said that he asked Abu Hurayrah “about the creation of two children of Adam from his body and from his rib. He said: O Messenger of God! and he narrated to us the tradition of the creation of two children from Adam, one who would become great in knowledge and the other who would be little in knowledge. (Saheeh Muslim)

16.Abu Hurairah reported: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “Who is the best of you after me?” The people replied: “The best of us after you is Abu Qatada.” He said, “I asked him about the hand of the people, and he said, ‘I was born a free man, whether the hand of the people has descended upon me. He was ordered to go to his brother.” (Saheeh Muslim)

17.Abu Hurairah said that the Prophet (S) said, “The hand of the people will never descend on me, either because I am the last of the prophets sent, or because I am the last of the descendents of Adam.” (Saheeh Muslim)

18.Abu Hurairah said that the Prophet (S) said: “There will never be



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