Soto Menu in Emilie Restaurant

Soto Menu in Emilie Restaurant

by grif1500

Soto Menu in Emilie Restaurant

Soto is a typical Betawi food which is one of the culinary delights that is rich in taste. Betawi people generally have lived in Batavia since the 17th century. The Betawi tribe mingled with other tribes that had existed earlier, such as the Sundanese, Malays, Javanese, Arabs, Balinese, Bugis, Makassarese, Ambonese, Chinese and Indians.

Betawi food has a unique and varied taste that has been passed down from generation to generation and has become a treasure of local culture. Like the following menu that you must taste if you are in the city of Batavia. The following is the soto menu at Emilie Restaurant, let’s Visit emilierestaurant.

Soto Ayam Milie Has a Legendary Taste

From its appearance, Pak Man’s chicken soup looks appetizing. On the surface, the filling for this chicken soup is shredded chicken (yes, yes, if the meat is made into meat soup), vermicelli, bean sprouts, sliced tomatoes, sliced green onions, and sliced fried garlic.

The broth is clear, bro. From that appearance – as soon as you sip the broth, the savory taste and fresh chicken broth immediately seep into our hearts. The taste is simple, but the freshness you get is extraordinary.

While observing the appetizing taste, we realized that Pak Man’s chicken soup would be even more enjoyable to eat with the various spices provided by the restaurant manager. Sis, be careful. Various spices are ready to make you crazy!

Soto Betawi Restaurant Emlie

Soto Betawi is no doubt its popularity. Soto Betawi sauce is a mixture of coconut milk and coconut milk which makes the taste of this soup legendary. Soto Betawi contains innards and often also includes other organs, such as the eyes, terpedo, and also the heart. Beef is also an ingredient in the Betawi soto mixture. Soto Betawi will be even more delicious when combined with cakes or emping chips.

The specialty of Soto Betawi

The soup that we like is savory and salty using yellow coconut milk which is quite thick because it contains lots of herbs and spices. Apart from the meat, the soup is also sprinkled with fried soybeans and spring onions. As for the beef, Adam said the meat was tender and clean (you know, we ordered just the beef, without the innards). But for chicken I don’t like it because chicken is given a lot of bones and only a little meat that can be eaten.


The taste of the savory sauce and the various side dishes make the tongue wag. Very Typical Soto Semarang… The price of the soto is very cheap, around 4000 rupiah per portion. I ate soto, mendoan tempeh, satay 1 and orange ice, the price was only 16,000 rupiah… hmm really cheap…
One portion of soup contains rice, chives, bean sprouts and various side dishes. There’s tripe, intestines, meat and lard.

Seasoned with ripe hot chili sauce. If it’s not spicy enough, you can add sweet soy sauce. Even though it’s already the second generation, the soto here still tastes authentic. As for the appearance, it also looks very beautiful and looks abundant.
It’s like a bowl that looks like mountains. On top of the rice and vegetable bean sprouts are tripe, intestines, meat and lard smothered in a drool-inducing gravy.

Lastly, it is topped with chives. This serving can be requested to be spicy or not. Then directly formulated by the seller.

Bengkar Soto

Apart from Soto Betawi, there is also Soto Bengkar. Bengkar comes from the Betawi language which means beef ribs. This Betawi food has appeared since the Dutch era. The ribs are boiled and seasoned with spices such as turmeric, pepper, lemon grass, bay leaves and coconut milk. The enjoyment of Soto Tangkar will be even more delicious if you add fried onions and chips as a complement.

This soto menu is guaranteed to be delicious and delicious because the spices used as seasonings and the coconut milk broth are guaranteed to arouse the appetite and be able to shake the tongue of the connoisseurs.