SCUM License Keygolkes [NEW]

SCUM License Keygolkes [NEW]

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SCUM License Keygolkes

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the platform allows creators to add videos to the scum network, where they are made available to a community of users. users can then access those videos, browse the content and watch for free. content creators can then earn revenue for their work by selling access to their videos through an scumpoints marketplace. this revenue can then be sent to the creators’ wallets.
the scum token is unique because it’s the first entertainment token that is not just a payment method, but a product that users can purchase and use to access content. scum points can be earned by watching videos and then spent on viewing content that’s become available on scum. users can also spend scum on other blockchain-based projects that use the scum token, such as scum live.
the scum license keygolkes (or “scum”) is a copyleft license for software that allows the user to distribute and use the software under a single license. like the gpl, the scum license grants users the right to distribute and modify the source code and to distribute the resulting object code as well. unlike the gpl, scum does not grant users the right to distribute and modify the entire source code, but requires users to distribute the source code (including modifications) in any form. the license also does not grant the right to distribute object code. instead, users are required to distribute any object code derived from the source code, in any form.
the scum license requires that all source code distributed by the user be released under the license. the user is also required to include a copyright notice and a license notice in all copies of the source code. the license notice must be included in all source code, and it must include the following text: