Portable Just Another Messenger Crack For Windows [2022]

Portable Just Another Messenger Crack For Windows [2022]

by gabzuh

Portable Just Another Messenger is al alternative to Yahoo Messenger, complete with chat conference option, status changing, emoticons or avatars.







Portable Just Another Messenger Crack+ Activation Key Download

Complete alternative to Yahoo Messenger, chat conference and much more.

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Portable Network Client (.pnp)

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Read text, write executables

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Portable Just Another Messenger Free

– The Notification Bar
– Your chatting buddies
– A little icon
– Preferences with undo/redo
– Hidden Messages
When you chat the first time, you will see a list of chicking buddies and the latest messages with popup a notification.
The Friend list is useful but not the best place to look for buddies you haven’t seen for a while.
To change your buddy, click on the down arrow next to the buddy picture.
Want to add a chat to your account, click on the + button. You may choose from a list of chatting buddies.
– 6 different avatars
– The number of contacts you can store
– A small icon
– Hidden messages
– The option to add senders
When a new chat appears on the main screen, it will have an icon and number. You can click the icon and send a message to the new member.
When a new chat appears on the main screen, it will have an icon and number. You can click the icon and send a message to the new member.
When you have a list of chats, it will be on the left side of the screen. When you click on a conversation, it will pop up on the main screen.
The message window will have two buttons. Click on the send button to send a message. You can also click the edit button to make changes to your message.
You can click on the edit button to make changes to your message.
When you press the search box, the search box will popup. The other option is to type the name of the person you want to search for.
It will search and bring you a list of contacts. You can click on the one you want to add as a buddy.
Want to add a new member to your buddy list, click on the + button. You will be brought to a list of buddies. You can add a contact to your list by clicking on the button near the bottom of the list.
Use the preferences to change your buddy list, disable the popup notification bar, and allow it to store more than 64 contact.
Your chats and buddy list will appear on the main screen. The messages will be on the bottom of the chat list.
You can change this if you want. Click on the down arrow next to the messages. You can choose between list and icon.
When you want to hide or show your conversations, click on the down arrow next to the title of the chat. You can choose from hide and

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Is one of the most advanced free IM clients developed for Windows operating systems. With no need to download and install other programs, users just can access Portable Just Another Messenger instantly after installing. The tool is able to send photos, files, or audio/video clips directly to your friends without a need for any plugins.

Main features:
– Portrait mode will allow you to pick up your messages from your face.
– The conversations will be sorted according to the order in which you received them.
– Receive automatic delivery from the PJS.
– Receive notification from the PJS with any new message.
– The status and toolbar will be reflected by the appearance of your profile page and we will support keeping the same settings after you restart the program.
– The width of chats has been changed according to your computer’s screen resolution.

All in all, this is your best choice if you are looking for a free software that will allow you to connect to Yahoo Messenger with no hassle.

You can try Portable Just Another Messenger to get some preview of it. You will be free to download Portable Just Another Messenger at Allfreeappstore.com

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What’s New in the?

Portable Just Another Messenger is a free program developed by AmegoSoft. It was released on 2013-03-05 and has been downloaded 619 by 4 users.

Portable Just Another Messenger main features include:

NO size limits for chat services, just print up your chat with all your friends, no matter the size.

Shared status or public sticky notes (in the chat window), can help you to know your friends online status.

Different skins (profile picture), with tons of options.

Portable Just Another Messenger occupies 30,53MB on disk.

Version adds several features, including:

Multiline chat, ability to mark someone’s message as read, save a chat in offline mode.

Search window to store conversations that you want to be read after disconnecting or re-connecting a device.

Softkey to mark chat as read, mark someone’s message as read, clear message history or save chat.

User-friendly status icon for desktop (no more complicated setting).

Ability to print chat history at any time.

Ability to drag & drop a contact or chat to the recycle bin and edit it.

When you are connected, all the chat is in real time.

If you want to make your portable messenger even more powerful, get Portable Just Another Messenger with paid version and enjoy all the features offered by the full version.

You could also try some free chat application in our free list.

Main Features of Portable Just Another Messenger

You can specify the text you want to display on your status bar, so you can easily see who is online. Also, you can control if you want to display your status as a message, for example, if you do not want your contact list to show that you are online.

You can add your friends into the favourites list and get all their recent messages for you. You can also set a password for all the Windows Live Messenger, MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger contacts in your favourites list. You will need to do that on your computer when you make a new contact.

You can also have the option of editing or removing your own profile, so you can show or hide the information you want to display.

You can use multiple skins to change the appearance of the program. It will automatically find the best skin for you.

You can share a set of stickers with your friends


System Requirements:

Windows 7 / 8 / 10 /
Mac OS 10.6 or higher
Dual Core 1 GHz processor
128 MB GPU
15 GB free disk space
Internet connection with reliable and steady bandwidth
iPad 2 or later with iOS 5 or higher
iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 5 or higher
Google Android device with 4.0 or higher
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