PATCHED Youtube Movie Maker Platinum V10 59-TE ✅

PATCHED Youtube Movie Maker Platinum V10 59-TE ✅

by markphil

PATCHED Youtube Movie Maker Platinum V10 59-TE ✅


PATCHED Youtube Movie Maker Platinum V10 59-TE

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How to escape a string while keeping double quotes around it?

I am trying to run a bash script that has this line of code:
echo $cldev/volumes/production/pog_d_volumes/OSD=$OSDPOG_VOL_NAME

Now, I need to put a double quote around OSD. But I cannot figure out how.
Note that I need to keep the double quotes around the value of OSDPOG_VOL_NAME, I’m not trying to escape any characters as suggested by some answers here.
I tried echo $cldev/volumes/production/pog_d_volumes/OSD=”$OSDPOG_VOL_NAME” but that doesn’t work, because even if the double quotes are there, it still thinks that OSD is $OSDPOG_VOL_NAME.
For the time being, I’ve changed the line to echo $cldev/volumes/production/pog_d_volumes/OSD=OSDPOG_VOL_NAME. That works fine, but I’m still looking for a solution. Thanks.


To take the double quotes around OSD into account the simplest solution is to use single quotes for the variable name:
echo “$cldev/volumes/production/pog_d_volumes/OSD=’$OS