Partition Find And Mount Pro 2.31 Serial

Partition Find And Mount Pro 2.31 Serial

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Partition Find And Mount Pro 2.31 Serial

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paste a value into the box, either in a numerical or in a percentage format. the number represents the maximum percent of free space that you want the partition to take up. in order to resize the partition from the keyboard, press the left mouse button and drag the mouse pointer.
the maximum free space in mb that can be used is calculated by multiplying the percentage by 1024, but that is just a number that doesnt mean anything to the user, who knows what free space he has. partition find & mount works with gigabytes (gb) too. in case you have a partition of 1024 mb, you might want to reduce it to 800 mb or 500 mb. you dont have to make it half of a gigabyte, or you can add this space at the end of another partition. this is a feature that should be good to know. also, you can define the maximum sizes for all the partitions on your hard drive.
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