One of the Strongest Characters in Dragon Ball

One of the Strongest Characters in Dragon Ball

by grif1500

One of the Strongest Characters in Dragon Ball

As we all know, Broly, the super Saiyan legend, is one of the favorite characters from the popular anime and manga series Dragon Ball. Although many Anime and Manga fans, especially fans of the Dragon Ball Series, don’t think that the Broly character is canon because it only appears in Dragon Ball’s own movies.

but in reality, to this day there are still very many fans who continue to discuss broly. whether it’s regarding his super over power to some interesting facts about Broly’s character himself. and in the following we discuss 10 interesting facts about this super saiyan legend broly, check it out.

Broly the Super Saiyan Legend

In the Dragon Ball anime and manga series, to this day it is shown that there are at least 2 characters that are worthy and deserve to be called Legendary Super Saiyan. and one of them is broly. Legendary Super Saiyan himself is described as a character in Dragon Ball which is the true form of the Saiyan nation itself. which, this legendary super saiyan character appears when his characters who are none other than broly himself and also kale are at the point of being filled with anger.

The Most Loved Antagonist in Dragon Ball

Despite his status as an antagonist, Broly is in fact a very popular character that is loved by Dragon Ball fans. the proof is, to this day the discussion about this one character is still frequent and warm among Dragonball fans.

Very Over Power

In accordance with his nickname as a legendary super saiyan, the strength of Broly himself can be said to be extraordinary over power. even when compared to Goku’s and Vegeta’s own super saiyan blue. this was proven in the Dragon Ball Movie, where Goku, Vegeta and even Freeza had to work together to defeat him.

Since Birth Already Has Strength Above Average

Born from the father of a formidable Saiyan race nobleman named Paragus, it’s only natural that Broly has above average strength from birth. Even when he was a baby, Broly already had a strength level that was as high as ten thousand. Even interestingly, he achieved this power when he had not yet turned into a super Saiyan, and Goku had not trained with King Kai.

Hating Goku Over Trivial Things

Broly’s hunt and rampage against Goku to the ends of the Earth, it turns out, started with a trivial problem. Namely because Broly always remembers his past where he hears the loud cries of little Goku. So that subconsciously it took root and became its own grudge for Broly, until all his hatred for his own life was vented against

Has Goku’s Split Personality.

Broly probably shares the same traits as most of the antagonists in Dragon Ball, especially his split personality. Broly has two personalities — one of calm and one of anger. When calm, Broly is a very quiet person but when Broly is angry, he can rock the planet under his feet. Broly’s rage also seems to be easily triggered by Goku, and he uses his split personality to defeat him.

Was once a God

Reporting from saiyan yourself if Broly ever became a god. It was when Broly attained a further legendary super Saiyan power called God Broly, marked by his hair turning from yellow to bright green. In the story, God Broly is then defeated by God Fusion Goku, which is a fusion between Goku and Tenkaichi Budokai through a request to Shenron.