List of Japanese Food Available at Keep It Grandmn Restaurant

List of Japanese Food Available at Keep It Grandmn Restaurant

by grif1500

List of Japanese Food Available at Keep It Grandmn Restaurant


Sushi is a typical Japanese food that is very worldwide. In Indonesia, this food can be found in a variety of sushi outlets, ranging from expensive to cheap. Sushi is made from rice with the addition of seafood, eggs and fresh vegetables. Despite its simple appearance, sushi has a delicious taste.

Sushi has its own type and way of enjoying it. For example, you have eaten one type of sushi and want to try another type of sushi, it is recommended to eat Gari.

Gari are pink ginger slices that are always served with sushi. The function of gari is to neutralize the taste on the tongue so that the taste of the sushi remains its authenticity and does not mix with the taste of the food afterwards. Generally this Japanese delicacy can also be enjoyed with wasabi and/or soy sauce.


One other typical Japanese food that is almost the same as sushi, called sashimi. The difference between sashimi and sushi lies in the rice. Sashimi is a pure raw food that requires no additives, just fine with soy sauce and/or wasabi.

Sashimi is made from marine animals and there are many types, there are even some sea fish that are quite poisonous that can be used as sashimi. But take it easy, the chefs who process fish then of course need to have a license to be able to process it.


Ramen is a soup dish that has become very popular and is recognized as a byword for Japanese food. Originally, the soup was made from chicken bones, but in recent years pork, beef, and seafood have also been used in this soup, creating a variety of tastes. Besides the typical salt, soy sauce and miso flavors, you can even find curry flavored ramen now. There is also a type of ramen where the noodles and soup are served separately, known as tsukemen.

Curry Rice

Many people know that curry is a food that originates from India, it turns out that Japan has one too! Curry originating from Japan is very unique, made from meat and vegetables (carrots, potatoes, onions, etc.) seasoned with curry powder, boiled, and served with rice.


Shabu-shabu is a typical Japanese food containing thin slices of meat, tofu, mushrooms and vegetables. The meat usually used is beef, and sometimes also chicken, fish, or octopus. Shabu-shabu meat can be enjoyed with Gomadare or Japanese sauce that contains sesame.

Usually when visiting a shabu-shabu restaurant, the visitors will receive a brief lecture from the waiter and the methamphetamine is cooked in a special pan.

When eating Japanese specialties, the basis for the difference in processing comes from the boiled broth served. In general, shabu-shabu restaurants always provide three types of seasoning, namely spicy miso, kara miso and dashi stock.


Surely detikers have seen this one Japanese food, because it’s sold a lot on the side of the road to the mall. Takoyaki is a typical Japanese snack with a round shape that has octopus meat inside. The ingredients for making takoyaki are also simple, namely from wheat flour. The manufacturing process is also quite unique, namely by pouring the flour mixture into a special mold that has the shape of a 1/2 ball basin.

After being cooked until cooked, takoyaki will be added with tonkatsu sauce, mayonnaise, and toppings in the form of katsuobushi or wooden fish meat shavings. However, if you don’t have tonkatsu sauce available, you can use tomato sauce instead.


This first culinary is traditional Japanese food which is very well known in Japan and is really delicious food and you need to try it. This domburimoni consists of rice covered with chicken, boiled eggs, pickles, tofu soup, boiled beef, and usually topped with fried shrimp which is called Tendon or pork which is called Katsudon, this Domburimono has a savory taste , fresh, and definitely delicious. For the price of 1 bowl of Domburimono it is very affordable and you can find it in Japanese restaurants available in Indonesia that sell traditional Japanese food.


This food is no less famous than Domburimono, this culinary has a delicious taste because it consists of vegetables, seafood, minced meat, Japanese spices, and is mixed together and then cooked on a pan. after cooking it is usually given mayonnaise, nori, crab and the taste of okomiyaki makes anyone addicted, guys, celebrating top marko top!!! To find Okonomiyaki, it is usually sold in small Japanese shops, and it is very difficult to find it in Indonesia.

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