JigSaw V.2.0.12 (astrology Software) Download Pc [PATCHED]

JigSaw V.2.0.12 (astrology Software) Download Pc [PATCHED]

by wandgal

JigSaw V.2.0.12 (astrology Software) Download Pc [PATCHED]

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JigSaw V.2.0.12 (astrology Software) Download Pc

how often do you see a list of the positions of the planets transiting the chart, all at the same time? jigsaw allows you to do that, for free, with the free and limited paid versions of jigsaw pro. the mere mention of saturn’s rahu transit is enough to convince the closest of friends to buy it, but to learn how to use jigsaw’s astrological and natal astrology features, you’d need to be a seasoned jyotish practitioner.

srs astrodatabank charts are not the real birthday times of the native. just like the normal birthtimes, they can be changed with the astrodatabank jigsaw v.2.0.12 (astrology software) to a desired birthtime. however, the factor of 1.6 to 1.8 applies to most charts and is the basis for typical birthtimes and actual birthtimes. jigsaw v.12 (astrology software) does not find birthtimes within that time frame.

astrodatabank seems to offer all the zodiacs, however some of the charts are only for use with the tropical zodiac. it looks like this is not all zodiacs in the database, just the tropical. fwiw the tropical zodiac was not able to produce charts for 4,5,6,7, and possibly 5,6,8,9 although they are in the database. this could be due to the way it was coded.

if you are not familiar with vedic jyotish, you might like to spend a while getting to know it before you start using the software. it would save you some grief, and you might want to do it now if you are going to spend any money on it!

but if you are determined to learn vedic jyotish, there are two excellent tools that you should get to know: the damge calculator, and the chart analyzer. the damge calculator calculates the effect of a planet on a given aspect. the chart analyzer can do a very similar thing, but the chart analyzer comes with a database of over 400,000 aspects, whereas the damage calculator only offers about 5,000 aspects. you can see how the 2 tools complement each other nicely.

as well as the above application, you can also create, save and restore your own free templates for the calculation of any horoscope, with full flexibility to save and restore individual calculations. as you create and save your own templates, you can select from the many different types of templates that are stored within jigsaw. these include: birth chart, transits, progressed, solar arcs, house, sign, ephemeris, etc. you can also choose to save your own binary and text files for importing into your programs.
the import and export section enables you to import and export charts from any of the standard chart formats. this includes the following: natal, transit, progressed, solar arcs, house, sign, ephemeris, and any custom binary or text files created within jigsaw. you can also export to a wide range of popular chart files in the following formats: elliott, mam, osar, psa, rsts, spss, and zs.
if you’re a chart chart, the new horoscope feature will provide you with a quick snapshot of your personal horoscope, with the date and time automatically adjusted for the time of year. with jigsaw you can create your own horoscope as a mutable chart or chart chart. you will also find that the chiron aspect indicator has been improved and the new moon indicator is now fully configurable, allowing you to have a more accurate preview of the upcoming lunar aspects.
you can create custom analysis reports using jigsaws statistical functions, or you can use its new express reports module.express reports are ready-made filters which can instantly provide you with informative and useful research summaries. and, they can be saved for future reference.



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