ISpring QuizMaker [32|64bit] [Latest-2022]

ISpring QuizMaker [32|64bit] [Latest-2022]

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ISpring QuizMaker Activator [32|64bit]

QuizMaker is an easy to use and user friendly quiz creator and test maker. From a simple quiz for your friends and family, to an advanced test for your students, QuizMaker can do it all!
QuizMaker allows you to create questions and answers from scratch or import from OpenOffice.
No programming or design skills required. Simply drag and drop the items you want to include in your quiz, and QuizMaker will take care of the rest.
Answers can be typed into the fields, pictures and videos can be added, and sound files can be played.
Spreadsheet like grids allow you to arrange items horizontally or vertically to create truly unique quizzes.
You can easily add custom colour and gradient backgrounds and create image galleries with your own pictures.
QuizMaker includes a spell checker, multiple choice, true/false and math answer options.
You can also add questions to the test, allowing you to create a quiz with variable lengths.
Formatting is easy, with support for bullets, numbered and bulleted lists, and table formatting.
Worried about using a quiz without a score? You can add a points system, or even a pass/fail option, so your friends and family know exactly what you were trying to achieve.
The quiz creator includes a useful ‘exit’ button that allows you to exit your quiz quickly and easily.
QuizMaker features:
– Drag and Drop Question and Answer Creator
– Interactive Section Wizard
– Add images, colours, texts, numbers and numbers
– Image Gallery
– File Import
– Multiple choice
– True/false
– Math
– Spell Check
– Multiple formats for Typing and Typed answers
– Spell Check
– Word Processor
– Spell Check
– Formatting (bullets, numbered and bulleted lists, tables)
– Fonts and Colors
– Password Protection
– Grids (add items horizontally or vertically)
– Master Question Wizard
– Spell Check
– Unlimited number of questions
– Multiple question with each can be created
– Cross Word question – question with words to define
– Multiple choice – with ability to define options for multiple choice
– Date – Add month and date, with ability to define if it’s in the past or future.
– True/False – with ability to define options for multiple choice
– Math
– Percentage
– High Score – Add a high score option.
– Password protection
– Multiple Exit – Make it possible

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iSpring QuizMaker is a QuizApp.

*Creates Quizzes, Tests, Surveys and other Assignments in minutes!

*Fully compatible with Microsoft Office and Windows

*Change any questions or text in minutes!

*Prompt responders and annotate pictures, audio and video

*Fully integrated with PowerPoint, MS Outlook and WORD, so it can be linked to a web of your choosing

*Impactful exercise with a time limit and a cost

*Preview and export HTML and PDF

*Allow a redirection to a website of your choice

*Shuffle questions at your will

*Manage multiple projects

*Mail all results

*Send e-mail reminders

*Allow for multiple attempts per question

*Compete with friends, family or all classmates!

*Create quizzes, tests and exams with multiple choice and open, choice questions

*Customize the site by choosing from a library of more than 40 templates

*Prompts the responders by using multiple choice or yes/no questions (more than one answer)

*Redirect users to a special page when finished

*Sets the number of attempts for each question

*Penalties and test result

*Shuffle the answers at your will

*Question reformatting, picture insertion, sound or video

*Smooth integration of your favorite Office programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint

*Annotate all multimedia files

*Automatic e-mailing and reminders

*Tagging of files

*Visibility control for audio and video files

*Customize fonts, background and color from the library

*Save and export files as.Html,.doc,.pdf or.txt

*Other options

*Drag & Drop Questioning

*Choice questions with 3, 4, 5, or 6 answers

*Check Questioning (automatic, but no grouping)

*Color choices

*Multiple values (multiple choice, etc)

*Classification and distribution

*Test structure can be saved

*You can manage multiple projects

*Insert the image on start, center or bottom

*Export to PowerPoint, Word or PDF

*Mark dates, time and other elements on a survey

*Import voice from previous quiz or test


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Survey Maker is one of the most common tools for interactive quizzes. It presents the user with a questionnaire. To make the process easier and more intuitive, the user can change the layout, colors, font, images, etc.

It does not mean that Survey Maker is suitable for use for developing or creating complex interactive surveys or quizzes. It was designed for creating simple and basic quizzes.

There are three main features of Survey Maker:

Present the user with a customizable interface that allows him to select the items to include in the quiz (questions, answers, images, videos).

This feature enables the user to choose colors, fonts, images, and even to place the questions in random order.

The user can also choose a layout for the interface and decide whether he wants each question to be displayed, presented in thumbnails, or even in random order.

It is easy to change the look and feel of the quiz in a few clicks. For this, you will choose one of the 3 supported themes.

Basically, Survey Maker has all the features of traditional quizzes, but adds the additional feature of presenting a question in a slideshow, with different random playback. This new feature requires an extra fee from the user.

Import and export files

The product allows you to choose from two file formats:

Excel files (CSV)

This product allows the user to choose a preset design and to populate the files.

Word files (RTF)

This allows the user to directly insert pictures, fonts, movies, or the entire document (in which case the tabs will be populated by random images).

Animate files (SWF, FLV)

It allows the user to insert animations, such as flash, movies, or ini files.


This feature has been introduced with the release of the 8.03 version of Survey Maker, and it enables the user to add images directly to the questions. The quality of these images is very important in order

What’s New In?

iSpring QuizMaker is a powerful test maker for Quiz Games, Webquiz, Surveys, Demos, PPT/PowerPoint Game Tests, Tutorials, Lectures, Presentations, and Learning Games.
Features of iSpring QuizMaker:
•Supports different media files (image, audio, video)
•Supports different media formats (JPG, GIF, BMP, WMF, etc.)
•Supports different types of media files (flash, AVI, MP3)
•Video can be added to individual questions and slides
•Advanced feedback options, which allow to grade, score, etc.
•Customize the presentation and style of the tests
•Makes tests very interesting for users
•As a randomizer, the results can be shuffled
•Test subject is automatically asked for his/her availability to perform the test
•Multiple attempts can be set for the test or test questions
•Marks or percentages can be allocated for the questions, answers and test
•Allow users to skip the questions or answers
•Redirect the users to another page when tests are completed
•Avoid a participant from seeing the answers before finishing the test
•The browser is automatically closed when the test is finished
•Automatic email sending when tests are completed
•Automatic email sending and redirecting to another page when tests are completed
•Allows users to choose random answers for the test or questions
•Much more…
You can use iSpring QuizMaker to create quizzes for professional exams, quizzes for online teaching, quiz game tests, Webquiz, and web quizzes, tutorials, lectures, PowerPoint presentations, demos, and test rooms.
You can even create mobile versions of the same quizzes for different platforms, i.e. smartphones or tablets.
iSpring QuizMaker free download
iSpring QuizMaker Product Key Features:
★ Support different media types (image, audio, video)
★ Support different media formats (JPG, GIF, BMP, WMF, etc.)
★ Support different media types (flash, AVI, MP3)
★ Various different media types can be used
★ Set of images, text, color effects, etc. can be added to each question
★ Support video files to be added to the question or slide, and flash file to be added to each question
★ Video file can be added to the question or slide
★ Allows to set a

System Requirements For ISpring QuizMaker:

Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.
Intel i5 or AMD FX processor.
Intel Core i3 with AMD Phenom II x4.
2GB of RAM
4GB of available space
DirectX 11 compatible video card
Net Framework 4.5.2
Please note that some game features may not be available in the beta and that the final release may have additional features or items.
Please make sure that you close down all your applications and restart the game before you play in