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Image Converter Plus Keygen Crack Serial

Image Processing With Python

Image Processing With Python

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Image Processing With Python

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On mongoose, how to get MongoDB servers available on a server (cluster management)

Let say I have a server, in that server i have a MongoDB replica set. I want to check and know which mongodb servers are available on the server.
Is there any method to do that?
I thought to use the isMaster command and db.server_name() but I’m afraid that the mongodb servers are not available when I use the isMaster command because the replica set is not up yet.
Thank you in advance.


A replica set is just a collection of two or more servers that you can tell which one will be the primary. It is not a central location. A primary is defined when the replica set comes up, but not when you call isMaster on the other servers.
If you have a replica set up on a server, you can use the mongo shell to see what nodes it has:
show dbs
> admin
> db
> use db
> db.isMaster()

On the first command you will see a list of all databases that the mongod process is currently aware of. The list will include the replica set if it exists.
On the second command, you will see the state of all of the databases that you have access to. The state will include the replica set if it exists.
If you do not see the replica set in that list, it is because it is not yet configured.

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