Findasound – Oriental Soloist 2 KONTAKT _BEST_

Findasound – Oriental Soloist 2 KONTAKT _BEST_

by elvyamor

Findasound – Oriental Soloist 2 KONTAKT _BEST_


Findasound – Oriental Soloist 2 KONTAKT

There are 12 keyboard switches available in Oriental Soloist 2, key switches are indicated with green color on the keyboard the red color indicates the active keyswitch. Each keyswitch are assigned with one of the 12 possible scale which is available by pressing keyswitch. Every keyswitch are available with two octave sensitivity for each scale, it can be used to a key switch assign chords preset that recall intervals for each chord in the menu. With preset knob function user can control each keyswitch function (Volume, Octave, Pan, pitch bend, Modulation and special effects). There is a tempo step feature and legato+slowed playing for a scale that can be triggered by touch on the keyswitch. You can also download Findasound Oriental Soloist 1 (KONTAKT) Free Download

Oriental Soloist 2 utilizes a revolutionary “Plectra” sound engine for easy and immediate editing of sounds. The ability to modify the sound instantly with the effect rack makes playing Oriental soloist 2 enjoyable without much limitation. Oriental soloist 2 can be used on both Keyboard / Touch Screen & Sound Card setups.

There are 12 key switches available in Oriental soloist 2, key switches are indicated with green color on the keyboard the red color indicates the active keyswitch.Scale and key menu will force played notes to be played within the selected scale/key, user can apply scale/key to all key switches by enabling the all keys witches button (ALL KS).Vibrato speed and pitch bend amount can be controlled their knobs at the top of the interface.

Of Course, Oriental Soloist 2 is a set of 335 sounds created for oriental solo mode, enjoying by Dr Raid, sounds are intended to be blended together through a four channel / sound output at which the user can design, manipulate, and combine sounds together to get the wanted results not only for solo playing but for unison mixed oriental instruments. User can select legato/mono playing style for every sound and control the volume envelope parameters for each sound. Qaurter tone scale option is available with the ability to save/recall scales with keys witches. Of Course, You can also read Altair SimLab 2019.

the eastern soloist 2 pedal has a dual harmonic equalizer with the original eq and a new eq on the left side. the original eq and the new eq can be used simultaneously or independently. the difference eq is set to zero. the wet/dry equalizer has 10 band equalization with +/-1.5db. when the wet eq is on, the dry eq is on.
findasound is a sound library which is based on the tonal sound of the oriental soloist. it is a dynamic library that gives you all the different sounds you will need to create oriental music and soundscapes.
findasound – oriental soloist 2 – the new two-part album by the four-times grammy award winner findasound is now available! findasound – oriental soloist 2 is a sequel to the well-received album findasound – oriental soloist which was awarded four-times grammy awards and became the most played asian style music album of 2007. findasound – oriental soloist 2 is a masterpiece of style and musicianship and will be the perfect starter for anyone who is new to oriental style music. it contains the same ultra-high-quality mastering as the first album with an added bonus bonus track recorded for the new version. the album contains all the instruments found in the original album but includes more detail and richness with a set of separate instruments for each musician. one of the main features of findasound – oriental soloist 2 is the use of the new korean saz orchestration which has been gaining in popularity since the release of the first album. this is the perfect album for any beginner who wants to learn oriental style music. also the listener can choose between two difficulty levels: casual or expert. the casual setting is intended to allow the beginning of the learner to enjoy the music but it does not require advanced skills from the players. the expert setting allows the expert player to explore even more with the increased detail and nuances in the sound.