Eternal Radiance Free Download PC Game [VERIFIED]

Eternal Radiance Free Download PC Game [VERIFIED]

by wandgal

Eternal Radiance Free Download PC Game [VERIFIED]

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Eternal Radiance Free Download PC Game

when youre not fighting, youll be exploring the vast lands of radiance, exploring towns and villages, and getting better gear to help you in your quest. youll spend a good portion of the game in these towns, where youll frequently be invited to the inn to rest and heal up. one notable change to the usual experience of these sorts of games is that youll be able to choose what kind of innkeeper you get. if youre a healer, you might be able to choose a better inn to rest at, or if youre a fighter, you might be able to choose an inn that will give you access to better items.

while your quest isnt quite over just yet, a sizable portion of the game is spent in a tight locked area where theres no combat. this is used to showcase the towns and areas around the main quest, as well as the character development systems such as the ability to unlock dialogue options with certain items and skill points. while it doesnt quite feel like a new feature, theres something very satisfying about unlocking a new ability for your character.

while it’s not a deep game, radiance is surprisingly good at what it does, and the game does a good job of holding your hand through the early game and keeping you actively engaged. the overworlds are presented a large, expansive but empty areas, and there are some very good dungeons littered about. theyre simply designed as well and look quite good. to be honest, its a fun game to just wander around and pick up quests, explore the world, and see what kind of items the shops have to offer. it plays out almost like a side-scrolling adventure game, with the combat kind of taking the place of the main quests.

there is a long-term dev team, and there is no set schedule for releases. currently, there is one new section a week being released, and it continues on from there. new content is being added frequently, and despite some of the more advanced features, they are really trying to polish the game up and make it more complete as time progresses.
theres lots of content in the game, and even if it feels unfinished, there is a ton of it. i played for around 30 hours, and there wasnt a single combat in that time. most of the time was spent chatting, exploring, and doing things in towns. so although it feels like its a bit short, its actually a pretty long game. as a long-term and persistent game, it holds my interest and has a lot of content. hopefully, that will continue as the dev team continues to update and release new content.
the worst thing about the game is that i still cant figure out what the plot is and it has a few inconsistent dialogue events. the characters are interesting, but not really compelling. theres not really a lot of excitement in the game, and many people will likely find it boring. as a fan of the genre, i just found it all a bit bland and formulaic.
being an early access game, this title still has a considerable amount of development left to do. im curious if the title will develop into an authentic rpg experience that can compete with the big boys, or if it will become a visual novel.
that said, eternal radiance is very impressive, given the amount of content that it has already released. it has a compelling story, and the combat system is pretty awesome. theres a lot of potential in this title, and its an early look at the direction it could take in the future. hopefully they can finish this game and release a polished version of the final product.


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