Decentraleyes For Chrome [Updated-2022]

Decentraleyes For Chrome [Updated-2022]

by trorash

With a continually growing market that is estimated to reach almost $8 billion in North America alone, there is no doubt that Content Delivery Network or CDN have a crucial role to play in the online environment. Not only do they help users get the best experience when visiting various pages and sites, but they also cut down on the development costs.
Despite their numerous benefits, CDN vendors also have the possibility to track user profiles. While it may seem harmless at first, the truth is that retaining data about profiles in conjunction with other data tracking help them deliver advertisements that suit that may interest you at some point or another.
Decentraleyes for Chrome is a utility designed to safeguard you from most tracking means coming from the CDNs. Unlike a standard ad-blocker, the add-on comes with the advantage that it can advert banners, popups and similar content without breaking the web pages in the process.
It intercepts requests and prevents the tracking of user habits
While it sounds melodramatic, the truth that there is a price to pay for speed and convenience. Consequentially, each time you visit a retailer shop, use an account to an online service or log in social networks, you are basically providing these networks with data such as who you are, your location, what you purchased or the type of content you commonly access.
This is where the add-on makes all the difference, as it can intercept the requests made by CDN and provide them with a file from the local store. The result grants you two benefits, namely that your web browsing is masked and hence, cannot be tracked by service providers. Moreover, since the app redirects to a local file, the browsing speed and loading are not affected in any way.
It works better in conjunction with other privacy-preserving tools
As the developer also points out, please take note that the utility is not designed to work standalone, but rather it is made to complement other ad-repellent tools, such as NoScript, uMatrix, HTTPS Everywhere or uBlock Origin, among others.
In the eventuality that you value your privacy and are tired of running across ads of items or services that you had an interest a short while ago, then perhaps you can consider giving Decentraleyes for Chrome a try.







Decentraleyes For Chrome Crack + Latest

Decentraleyes provides you with complete control over your own browsing data and the power to block tracking from third-party sources.
Speed up your browsing: is your local CDN slower than your network connection? Decentraleyes can block third-party C/P requests from the CDN so you will get a much better browsing experience!
Local bypass: use local files (HTML5, CSS/JS/etc) instead of loading them from the C/P server.
Auto-update: Decentraleyes is easy to use: download it, visit its preferences page, choose “Enable” and “Update Now”.
Enforce HTTPS: leave the C/P server to only work over HTTPS connections.
Watch out for cookies! Decentraleyes can block annoying third-party cookies. It will also block session cookies at the local server, thus improving your privacy and your speed.
Privacy: Decentraleyes includes advanced anonymous cookie, JS and cookie blockers.
It can block a lot of trackers! Decentraleyes is a very powerful tool for any kind of users, but it especially shines when used with other privacy-enhancing tools such as NoScript, uMatrix, HTTPS Everywhere, uBlock Origin, etc…
Another recommended add-on that may prove useful in the future is Silver Searches. Its peculiar features include protection from malware and its own, which can not be detected by the browser (thus, you can maintain using the add-on without worrying).
If you wish to find out more about Decentraleyes, go to the add-ons site to find further options.

About this title: Features: * Complete control over your privacy: protect your browsing data and block annoying trackers. * Web-Browsing becomes faster and safer: use local files instead of loading them from CDNs. * When you go to a web page, the CDN will only return local files. * Local bypass and auto-update: you can simply block third party C/P requests and use local files instead of loading them from the CDN. * HTTPS: if the C/P server only works over HTTPS, you will have a better browsing experience. * Additional features: avoid malware and limit the number of requests. * Comes with an intuitive interface and an elegant design to make your browsing more convenient!

What’s new: This release includes an addition to the trusted HTTPS list.

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Decentraleyes For Chrome

Decentraleyes for Chrome Activation Code is a privacy-friendly addon that blocks tracking from third parties. Unlike regular ad-blockers, this one works by redirecting the requests made by advertisers to a local file, which will leave no trace of your browsing patterns and habits.

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Decentraleyes For Chrome

* Improve your web browsing experience and ad-repellent power
With the availability of ad-repellent tools such as NoScript and uMatrix, it has never been easier to protect your browsing experience and avoid that user profiles are collected by online service providers.
Decentraleyes for Chrome is designed to assist you in masking and obscuring your web browsing, while protecting your privacy and preserving your freedoms.
It works in tandem with Ad-Repellent tools such as:
* uMatrix
* NoScript
* HTTPS Everywhere
* Ghostery
* DuckDuckGo
* Nuastyle
* PrivacyBadger
Some common things to know:
* The addon uses a localstore.json file where all the settings are saved. If for whatever reason you decide to use the addon with a domain different from default, you have to set the localstore.json file as such by opening the config file and double click on the line for default.
* Internet Explorer has a bug where it won’t allow customization of the Extension search bar in control panel. The workaround is to uninstall IE11 and then reinstall it via the executable (File> Run…). It then will create the search bar that the user can customize.
* In IE11, click the icon at the bottom right of the title bar to open the quicklaunch menu and then click on the icon that looks like a hamburger menu. That will give you the option to enable or disable the extension.
* The addon is only compatible with Google Chrome. The user can configure the search engine to one of the popular search engines with support for encrypted website. User can change the search engine once per browser.
* The addon is compatible with Ease of access or any content that is not encrypted ( or does not use encryption for the content (
* The addon is compatible with popular browsers that support the extensions, such as Chrome, Firefox and IE11.
* The addon is compatible with the latest versions of Google Chrome.
* The addon is compatible with the latest version of Ease of access (if configured to work with https).
* The addon is compatible with Ease of access 3 and above versions.
* The addon is compatible with Firefox and IE11.
* The addon is compatible with HTTPS everywhere.
* The addon is compatible with Nuastyle addon.
* The addon is compatible with Privacy badger

What’s New In Decentraleyes For Chrome?

Decentraleyes for Chrome is an easy-to-use, integrated privacy safeguard that makes surfing the web both convenient and safe.
— Application Local-Based Data
Decentraleyes for Chrome is a stand-alone application that limits the access to data stored on servers managed by the CDNs and the ISPs. It is highly effective in protecting users from the risk of losing their privacy while browsing the web, but please do not forget to read the limitations of the add-on.
— Block-Based Data
Decentraleyes for Chrome is made to protect the privacy of the users by blocking all ads, pop-ups, banners, and other disturbing content. It works by redirecting all requests to the local files on your computer and thus, hiding your browsing details.
— Hide Internal Web Server Requests
Decentraleyes for Chrome makes use of an advanced filtering feature to stop CDNs and ISPs from collecting user information.
— Block Requests To Specific Websites
Decentraleyes for Chrome utilizes the requests interception feature to block specific web pages and force them to wait for downloading.
— Protect Your Online Purchases
Decentraleyes for Chrome blocks the data collected by the CDNs in conjunction with the ISP to prevent selling your data to other companies.
— Block Advertisers On Websites
Decentraleyes for Chrome is a free to use ad-blocker application for Chrome that lets you protect your privacy and at the same time, enhance web surfing experience.
— Block Specific Ads
Decentraleyes for Chrome eliminates the annoying pop-ups with a click on the favorite button that immediately opens a popup blocker. It has over 35 web-based and social advertisements that are responsive, compatible and get out of the way.
— Block Specific Websites
Decentraleyes for Chrome is an easy to use, web-based privacy safeguard that helps you protect your privacy while browsing the web. It blocks many adverts and unwanted content on websites.
— Remove Advertisements
Decentraleyes for Chrome blocks pop-up ads, banners and similar trackers and ads that do not benefit the user. It also helps you keep your privacy intact.
— Stop Cookies
Decentraleyes for Chrome prevents the usage of third-party cookies for logins, browsing history or social media trackers. It allows you to go through the web page without having to worry about excessive third-party data collection.

System Requirements For Decentraleyes For Chrome:

OS: Windows XP (SP3) or later
Processor: 2.8 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 128 MB
DirectX: 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection with TCP/IP protocol support
Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card (minimum 16-bit)
Additional: Any Xbox 360 controller preferred
OS: Windows Vista (SP1) or later