Astrology for relationships

Astrology for relationships

by winifredaldridge

Valentine’s Day has arrived so I thought I’d write a piece about couples astrology. Everyone is always asking about love and marriage in astrology, so I’m giving you some of the key factors in a healthy relationship between two people.

A bit of research was done with some of my friends and I compared their birth charts to mine. Here are the results. Many of the charts that I studied were for romantic couples. But I also found some platonic friend chart data. These results were very similar.

Editor’s note. You will see both positive aspects and some negative aspects throughout this article. Positive aspects are trine, conjunction, and zodiac compatibility percentage sextile (unless there is a need for specification), while negative aspects are squares and oppositions (unless there is a need for specification). The explanation is here for ease of reading. Trine means that two planets are 120 degrees apart, bringing ease and comfort, conjunction means that two planets are at the same degree for the same sign, which combines energies to usually strengthen both, and sextile means that two planets are 60 degrees apart, the aspect of opportunity. Square means that two planets are 90 degrees apart, causing tension and challenges, while opposite means that two planets are 180 degrees apart- complete opposites.

Sun/Moon/Ascendant aspects:

In any relationship, Sun/Moon/Ascendant are important. This adds energy to the relationship and brings together like-mindedness. It is a great way to create a positive relationship. These personalities blend well together and they enjoy each other’s company. Conjunctions are not always positive, but they can lead to mixed results.

However, squares or oppositions can lead to significant differences between the points. This will cause difficulties for the couple. The differences may be in personality (Sun/Ascendant) or they could be more instinctive emotional differences (Moon), but there will be differences with the square and opposition aspects.

Venus/Moon Aspects

Both Venus and the Moon are important personal planets. Their relationship with each other is very important. Venus is a social planet, and the Moon is our emotional reactions, so together they blend well when positively aspected. Positive aspects all do well with the Moon and Venus, and many loving couples have them in their charts. The couple will be gentle and loving, as they both possess gentle energy.

Although they can indicate some attraction between Venus and Moon, the negative aspects are usually more indicative of a dislike for each other. The couple may be attracted, but they have a problem with each other’s emotional responses.

Mercury Aspects

Mercury is a planet not many people think of when relationships come to mind, but how can a relationship succeed without clear communication? Mercury positive aspects can indicate communication. A positive Mercury aspect means that the couple can easily understand one another.

Communication is more difficult when there are negative or hard aspects to Mercury placements. Mercury squares and oppositions can make it difficult to understand each other’s intentions and arguments are more common due to misinterpretations or misunderstandings. While this is not an indication of a breakup in a relationship, it can certainly make things more complicated.

Venus/Mars Aspects

Physical chemistry can be established when a couple is positive in Venus/Mars. These are the couples that passionately make love to each other any chance they get. These couples can be intimate because they have the same physical needs and desires. Venus can easily give Mars what he wants, and both planets are very attracted to each other.

Even couples that have a square or opposition between their Venus and Mars can still have great chemistry. Although it may seem a bit rough around the edges, the fact that Mars and Venus are complementary can lead to a strong match.

Jupiter Aspects:

Jupiter has a lot of aspects. Jupiter can be a bit too indulgent, but Jupiter can also bring joy and optimism. Jupiter elements with personal planets are important so that the couple can feel happy around each other, but not overdo it. Jupiter aspects between two people can increase their generosity and make them feel happier.

Jupiter squares or oppositions are when it can get a bit overwhelming. Couples might be prone to buying gifts each other and spending too much money. The Jupiter partner is likely to be the most impulsive spender.

Saturn Aspects:

Saturn aspects can bring a healthy dose of reality to relationships. Relationships need to be optimistic and enthusiastic, but they also need practicality. Saturn provides some stability to the relationship, particularly with positive aspects. These aspects tend to give stability to the relationship that helps it to last through hard times.

Saturn’s negative traits can be harder to manage but not impossible. Saturn’s negative aspects are easier to deal with when paired up with Venus or Moon, which is a gentler planet. Saturn can also be in opposition in squares or oppositions. Saturn people may be too harsh in their criticisms.

Uranus Aspects

Uranus is unpredictable and can cause chaos in any relationship it touches. For those who are looking for calmer and peace in their lives, however, this can prove to be frustrating. Uranus, through the conjunctions, textiles, as well as sometimes the conjunctions, can bring some variety and excitement. However, squares and opposing planets may prove too much for one or both of its partners.

I concluded my research by finding that successful relationships have a good mix of the above aspects in synastry charts. I found that the relationships that had difficulties were those with more negative aspects or planets. On the other hand, the relationships that flourished had strong trines, fabrics, and connections between more positive planets. But balance is crucial. It can be difficult to manage relationships when there are too many things. It doesn’t matter what the problems are, it matters that you try to find the positive in every relationship.