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Risks of issuing ANDROID_ID

I am working on an application that a lot of users may use. What can be the risks of issuing ANDROID_ID? Is it safe or I can’t proceed because of this?


It depends on the application. In the Google Play app you can request an “Android ID” so that you can identify which version of the app a user has installed. BUT: the user can change the ID, for example by changing his/her phone. You need to make sure that the software you are using to verify the ID will not send your ID data to any server.
If your app does not make any security critical decisions based on the ID you could go ahead. If you are worried about other attacks you should look into the Android Security Guide.


Scantegrass is a proposed new genus and type species of fern. It belongs to the family Lycopodiaceae and was named in honour of the British botanist Joseph Paxton (1790–1851). The name Scantegrass is a contraction of Scaphandras, a name of uncertain derivation.

It is a shrub fern with a frond each of which is constructed of two parts; an upper, more or less straight blade with its lower half bent beneath. If the lower part is rolled inwards, the end has the appearance of a hand. The blade splits and forms frondlike stipes. The stipes carry an axillary spiral scale, bearing from two to seven small, nearly opposite, sterile fronds. The fertile fronds are borne on the extremity of the rachis, and possess one or three pairs of pinnae, folded in pairs and enclosing the sporangia.

The species is native to the mountains of southern Europe, including the Alps, Pyrenees, and Balkan Peninsula. It has also been widely naturalized in North America, Hawaii, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.


The plant was first described by Ferdinand von Mueller in 1876. It was transferred to the genus Pseudolepis by Harry Francis Morton in 1891.


Category:Lycopodiaceae’use strict’;

var toPrimitive = require(‘../es5/to-primitive’)